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FlofiDeluxe 1.1 - We are proud to announce the release of our newest plug-in: FLOFIdeluxe, which could happen to be described as a pitchdestroying- frequencyshapeshiftinggrain tool, so if you've ever needed one of those your prayers have been answered! FloFi combines a filter with an octave pitch shift algorithm.

  • FREQ - The source frequency that will be shifted up by an octave.
  • WIDTH - The width of the frequency band being shifted.
  • BOOST - The amount of level boost applied to the pitched signal. A limiter works to prevent unmusical digital distortion.
  • DETUNE - The signal being shifted can be detuned by approximately +/- 2.5 semitones.
  • MIX - The amount of the pitch-shifted and altered signal to be mixed back into the original.
Developer: BetabugsAudio

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