AC1 (Audiocation)

RedAmption (AudioTeknikk)


AQ1 (Audiocation)

Equilibre (AudioTeknikk)

Baxter EQ (Variety Of Sound)


AP1 (Audiocation)


GreenEugene (AudioTeknikk)

AMT-1 (B.Serrano)

Nibiru (B.Serrano)


AC-R128 (Audiocation)

Rough Rider (Audio Damage)

MidSideMangle (AudioTeknikk)

SoftAmp GT (AXP)

SoftAmp 3OD AXP

Corrosive (Betabugs Audio)

FLOFIdeluxe (BetabugsAudio)

How to install a VST plug-in

A VST plug-in is a DLL file. By default plug-ins are saved to folder


Unzip the plug-in and save it to the defined folder. If you want to keep your plug-ins in a folder other than the default you may click Options -> Preferences -> Directories and select a different folder clicking "Browse" button.
After copying the plug-in to the defined folder restart the software to update the list.


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